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Dig a little deeper

You, a friend and a cup of coffee. You called her, you made the arrangements to meet up with her. You fit it into your schedule.

WHY? What do you hope to get from it? Will you make it worth the time you give it?

What happens next is dependent upon what the two of you are willing to do. It is dependent upon how much you trust each other and how compatible you are as friends. Will the focus of this coffee outing be "lists"? You know what I mean....

How's your mom?

What are the kids up to?

What are you doing for...Read more

Children should be seen and not heard…

I made you and I can make another one just like you…

I brought you into this world and I can take you out…

I am in my mid 40’s and these were the quotes that adults spoke to children when I was growing up. These 3 sentences were the theme of my childhood. It is no wonder that we struggled with self-esteem growing up. Those statements were not said to lift us up, they were said to remind us that we were being controlled. Not taught, controlled.

Not long ago, I was in the...Read more

Hypnobirthing, The Bradley Method, Lamaze….

Boy oh boy, so many to choose from…. How will you pick the class that’s right for you? Do you know enough about each method to choose the childbirth class that you are philosophically aligned with? Do your research and read up a bit on each method before you decide.

Ultimately, you should be sure to have a good understanding of your anatomy in relation to giving birth. You should also obtain enough knowledge of the risks and benefits of medical interventions so that you thoroughly understand the decisions you will...Read more

How do I choose the right doula?

*Is she certified?

To become a certified Labor Doula is fairly simple:
The requirements are that you attend an intensive 3-5 day workshop.
Complete a short reading list (6-10 books)
Write several essays.
Attend 3 births where you are evaluated by the mother, nurse and provider.

*Is she experienced?

For many women, asking if a doula is certified is just a starting point. Experience once she is certified holds more weight. Keeping in mind that it only takes 3 births to become certified,...Read more


My hope is that as doulas, we are changing the way women interact with women – that we are caring for our clients (and friends and family), in a way where support and nurturing are commonplace, and judgment and conditions are irrelevant.

My hope is that my daughters will feel educated and informed about their options in pregnancy and childbirth (MANY years from now), that they will feel confident and supported in the decisions they make.

My hope is that my daughters, and all of the women who will labor before them, will feel...Read more

A bad day Doula?


Good morning, Northeast Doulas.

Ummm… Hi, my name is Suzie Q.

I am not pregnant and I didn't have a baby, i just want a doula!

I’ve had a bad couple of days, my husband works insane hours, I’m tired and cranky and I just want to be nurtured!

Can you send me a Doula please?

You decide you’re taking a personal day. You aren’t sick, you just need a day. You want to rest but you know if you’re home alone for the day, you might grab a nap but you’re probably going to use the time for “...Read more