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We're always setting out to embrace birthing techniques that are more comfortable for mom while staying safe for baby. 

One of these birthing styles that is becoming increasingly popular is the beautiful experience of water birth. Many families seek the comfort that water birth provides and at Hudson Valley Hospital, the commitment to safe water birth is second to none. 

Why water?

Many...Read more

The groundhog really wasn't playing when he called for more winter. 

We were hoping he was.

After the blizzard of 2017 unleashed it's wrath on the Northeast, we're still feeling some residual cabin fever as they continue to clean up the aftermath. While we're at home cleaning up the war zone left behind after the kids were home from school for several days in a row, we're all...Read more

Of course St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of rich Irish heritage, but it's also one of the nation's biggest celebrations of beer, wine and spirits. 

If you're breastfeeding you might not be raising your glass to a cheers just yet. 

There's a lot of conversation surrounding an occasional drink while breastfeeding, and we're setting out to give you some facts and resources that can help you decide to have that St. Patrick's Day beverage or not. Drinking while breastfeeding is...Read more

It's that time of year again!

Spring is the season for No Child Wet Behind and we're kicking off a successful 2017 with a night of fun for a great cause. 

The No Child Wet Behind team is excited to gather together at the Levity Live Comedy Club in Nyack, New York on March 24th. The comedy club is conveniently located in the Palisades Center and the doors to the event open at 9:00pm with the show starting around 9:30pm.

We're excited to introduce Adam Ferarra to the lineup...Read more

February is one of the most popular months to eat out.

Valentine's Day falls smack-dab in the middle of the month, giving parents the reminder of how lovely it can be dine out. Unfortunately parents know the struggle of taking little ones out to restaurants that aren't quite family friendly. Whether you have a picky eater or a fussy one in your family, choosing which restaurant to go to can...Read more

In 2016, we took a moment to appreciate the hilarious things our kids say. 

This just happens to be one of the highlights of parenthood and we can't get enough of little kids saying hilarious things. We decided to go back for a second look at even more occasions where parents were floored by the funny things that came out of their kids mouths. Sure it can be embarrassing, but having a small child is like a...Read more