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Parenting Philosophy

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, couples alike are scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift, or plan the perfect gesture, to show their appreciation for their significant other. This isn't another blog about what to plan, where to go out for dinner or what to buy the love of your life. This blog is about you. 

Yeah, YOU!

Parenthood breeds chaos (literally!) 

When was the last time you did something for you? 

As experts in navigating the ups and downs of parenthood, from prenatal to postpartum, we're here to give you a nudge towards a bit of self care. 

We even came up with a list of 5 realistic ways you can practice self care and be your own damn Valentine! 

Go out for coffee with yourself. 

Yep, that's #1 on the list! Take a trip to your favorite local coffee shop for whatever your little heart desires. A latté, cappuccino, Americano... the list goes on. 

If you order a latté it is likely you'll get one of those pretty pictures on top made out of the espresso and foam.

Enjoy it. Add as much sugar as you want, nobody is looking, we promise. 

Number 2, buy yourself flowers. 

Even if that means grabbing a bouquet at shoprite and arranging it in a...Read more

Parenting philosophies, everybody's got one. 

Actually in most cases, more than one!

Philosophy isn't just a class in college, it's a reflection of our views and values in the way we live our lives.

Finding the right parenting philosophy for your family takes some time and understanding more about the roots of each style can help you better understand which methods are the best fit. It might seem like process of elimination at first but taking your time to decide which direction you and your partner would like to take for your parenting strategy. 

From the moment you find out that you're pregnant, everyone is quick to give you all kinds of advice.

You'll get plenty of advice about how to parent and even more people push an urgency on you to make decisions. One of the best parts of becoming a parent is empowering yourselves and making your own decisions for the best...Read more

Summer is about to turn up the heat and some of the hot summer days are completely unforgiving. 

While a hot summer day is uncomfortable for us, it is even more unbearable and even dangerous for your new baby. If your baby is making their grand enterance just in time for summer vacations, sun and heat safety for your newborn is important to brush up on before heading out to your summer events. 


Sun Safety Basics

Newborns are delicate and sensitive to severe temperatures and sun exposure. Their skin is unable to handle the harsh rays of the sun and protection from direct sunlight is important for your brand new baby. Apply plenty of baby-safe sunscreen on little limbs that are exposed in the sun. Dress your little one in lightweight clothing that is breathable and light colored to keep them as cool as you can in the sunshine. Limit sun exposure when the...Read more

Cirque de Supermom; the juggling act of newborn and toddler care with effortless ease. 

As graceful as you might be settling into round two of motherhood, you only have one set of hands. You'll probably have daily reminders of how you only have one set of hands on deck when "juggling your baby and toddler" becomes more literal than you thought. 

Preparing your older child for their sibling's big arrival beforehand can help set the scene for the adjustments to come. Talk to your little one about the new baby and all the things to expect from a day with baby. Telling them stories about when they were small can also help your older children better identify with your newborn. 

Although it takes a fair amount of practice to get your child juggling down pat, we've got some tips and tricks from experience that might make the process easier for everyone involved.

Dinner and a Show 

Nursing your newborn and entertaining your toddler is no easy task, but then again Evil Knievil's stunts weren't easy either. You might not be hurdling a motorcycle over the...Read more

"Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children... Now I have six children and no theories."    

-John Wilmot 


One of the most beautiful things about parenting is the way every parent has their own style and unique way of raising their little ones. From the very beginning, every parent has an idea of the mother or father that they wish to become.


The second most beautiful thing about parenting? Your're going to change that parenting style over and over again and that's totally okay. 


Some days you might find that you feel like super mom and another you might feel frustrated or feel like just changing your name and skipping town and none of those feelings define you as a parent, they simply illustrate the ways you're growing and developing what parenting philosophies are really working.


...Read more

We got plenty of April showers and now it's time for all the gorgeous May flowers!

Whether you're starting some seeds for your veggie garden or adding some vibrant spring blooms around your mailbox, gardening can be a whole lot of fun for the whole family. Kids love to get their hands dirty and watch their plants grow to produce flowers and fruit and parents can appreciate their enthusiasm for the enviornment and their excitment to eat all the healthy veggies they harvest. 

Since spring planting season is officially here, we're sharing some tips and tricks to making gardening with your kids a safe and fun activity to enjoy in the beautiful weather of May. 

So get out those sun hats, garden tools and get ready to get dirty. 

Sun Protection

It might be early in the season to be thinking about summer safety, but on a sunny spring day, your skin can take a lot of damage. If you're planning on gardening in the yard instead of containers inside, make sure sun protection is your number one priority. Especially on...Read more

It's that time of year again!

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the Hudson Valley is in need of some clean diapers. 
As we get ready to kick off the Northeast Doula's annual No Child Wet Behind fundraiser, we have compiled a list of the amazing businesses in our area that are participating by hosting No Child Wet Behind's diaper collection bins at their locations. This year's diaper drive benefits the Westchester Diaper Bank, providing tons of families in the greater Hudson Valley with the resources they need to keep their babies clean, happy and healthy. 

We're excited to announce new businesses and community locations that have hopped on board in our area this spring to benefit this great cause that continues to make a tremendous difference in our communities. 

If you have diapers ready and waiting you can bring them to our No Child Wet Behind Fundraiser at Croton Point Park on May 21st or bring them to one of these friendly locations over the next few months. Take a look at some of the locations to see which bin is closest to you. 

Retro Fitness

3006 Main Street
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

While you're getting ready to start the...Read more

Easter is the first big holiday that officially celebrates the changing of the seasons and the birth of spring. 

Whether you're celebrating Easter as a religious holiday, a gathering of family or anything in between, rich family traditions make the holiday so much sweeter and more meaningful. We put together a list of fun traditions that many families call their own and some that might be completely new! 

Get your little ones on board with celebrating Spring's arrival with some fun activities made just for them. 

Dying Easter Eggs

If your household is Easter celebrating, you probably have some great memories of dying Easter eggs. Get started by hard boiling a whole bunch of eggs. You can use a kit or can even make your own beautifully vibrant egg dye. Kool-Aid and hot water makes a ton of colors to choose from and they smell fantastic. You can even write some secret messages on your eggs for the kids to find when they start dunking their eggs. If your kids are...Read more

Let's just get this out of the way.

What is Passover? 
Passover is the eight day observance that marks the hardships, exodus and liberation of the Israelites from Egypt. 

Many families celebrate passover in different ways, depending on what traditions their families have chosen to adopt. In most homes, Passover is celebrated with family gatherings, a meal of specific foods and often a series of prayers and readings. This is the oldest Jewish celebration that is continuously celebrated and even some non practicing Jewish families come together to celebrate the roots of their religious heritage. 

What about getting the younger generations involved?

There's easy and fun ways to get your kids involved in the family's Passover celebration and it's even a little crafty! We put together a quick guide for parents to get the little ones excited and involved to participate this year around the Passover table. 

Passover Plagues

The plagues can seem like an intimidating story to teach to...Read more

February is one of the most popular months to eat out.

Valentine's Day falls smack-dab in the middle of the month, giving parents the reminder of how lovely it can be dine out. Unfortunately parents know the struggle of taking little ones out to restaurants that aren't quite family friendly. Whether you have a picky eater or a fussy one in your family, choosing which restaurant to go to can be half the battle. 

We put together some of our favorite family friendly restaurants in the Westchester area to take your little ones for some quality time together over some great food. No matter what you're looking to nom on, we have a restaurant on this list for everyone. 

Wobble Cafe

This Ossining restaurant was designed with your fussiest restaurant goer in mind. It's as kid-friendly as it gets for a restaurant where your kids are encouraged to play in their clean indoor play areas while parents enjoy their meal.Your kids will be begging you to bring them to...Read more