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Home Births

It’s finally time to meet your newborn and you’ve been dreaming of seeing their perfect face for months.

When they finally get handed to you, they’re not always the “picture perfect” sight you expected.

What is all this cheesy stuff all over my new baby?!

It’s gross!

We ordered ours without the cheese, thanks.

While it can seem pretty unsightly, be thankful it's there.

The 'cheese' or more commonly referred to as vernix, is an important part of protecting your baby inside the womb.


Vernix Caseosa covers a baby’s delicate skin in the womb as it’s developing. The amniotic fluid’s acidity can damage this delicate skin and the Vernix coats the baby and prevents infection. It also keeps a newborn insulated, keeping them at a comfy temperature.


Amniotic fluid would dry out a baby’s sensitive skin if it weren’t for the layer of hydrating Vernix. Your baby would be born a shriveled up raisin if their skin wasn’t constantly being hydrated while in the womb. Think of it as your baby’s first skincare regimine.

Soundproof Studio

It’s pretty noisy to float around in liquid for months, and the...Read more

Bringing "home" To the Hospital 

was the most recent topic Rosie Pope asked me to write about. (click the above link to read the post)

After her expert ob/gyn warned about the dangers of homebirth, her team thought, there must be a way to bring your home to the hospital with you!

I spent a good while thinking about how you could do just that and what I figured out is...

You can't!

Authored by: The Rock n' Roll DoulaRead more

1)  Music is familiar. Making a playlist of songs that you know well, to listen to during labor can be very comforting. Giving birth in a non-familiar place can disrupt the natural flow and continuity of labor. Filling the room with things familiar to you can relax you and help your labor to progress. Typically, songs that you know all of the words to are songs that you have sang along to on many occasions. Those songs will stimulate familiar thoughts for you and can bring a comforting feeling with them.

2)  Music is personal. Music defines us in some ways and so can giving birth. Choosing to have music in your labor room and choosing what music will play gives us ownership of our room and ultimately our experience. It creates personal space in that room and tells the people who come in the room that you are a woman who has made choices about your experience. Own your personal space with the music that tells the story of who you have been and who you are becoming!

3)  Music is rhythmic and so is labor. Women who are given the opportunity to move during labor, intuitively move like they are dancing. When they are not restricted and are feeling uninhibited, women will roll their hips in a swaying or circular motion. Music helps us find that rhythm and allows us to go deeper into the experience.

4)  Music is inspiring. Think Rocky! Nothing inspired the...Read more

First time mom gives birth 2 weeks early at her BABY SHOWER!

Enjoy this story of a precipitous birth!Read more


I am a Doula. That is my profession, my career.  It is my job, NOT my lifestyle. I clean my house with bleach (not cleaning products that are safe for human consumption) and I was devastated (but now recovering) from Hostess’ announcement to go out of business. I drive a gas guzzlin’ SUV and patchouli oil gives me a migraine!

All professions come with stereotypes. Accountants are called nerds, Firemen are sexy, used car salesmen are deceitful and you know what they say about those hot librarians! However, I, and the staff at Northeast Doulas does not meet the stereotypical description of Doulas. Instead, we are professional, articulate, well trained, certified support Doulas.

I do not encourage any certain birth philosophy or parenting style. I have no agenda. I simply want for my client, what she wants for herself. I support her completely free of judgment, knowing that I may be the only woman on Earth NOT judging her.

Somewhere down the road, the definition of the word Doula became cloudy. For many, it has taken on a connotation that implies crunchy, granola, natural un-medicated, un-intervened birth along with exclusive breastfeeding and attachment parenting.

Today, I set the record straight!

The word Doula, is a Greek word and it is defined as a woman servant. A woman who serves another woman. The capacity that we use it in is a woman serving another woman through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum...Read more

Staying safe from negativity during pregnancy!

“She acts like she’s the only woman to ever be pregnant”… followed by an eye roll….

Who says that?! Oh, I’ll tell you who says that! WOMEN! Close friends, co-workers, sisters, in-laws, out-laws etc… The onslaught of birth negativity starts the moment we share our amazing news!

There are some bizarre behaviors that surround pregnancy in our culture that I will never understand.
Here is a perfect example.

Sister in law: So, (excitedly) when are you due???
Newly pregnant mom: My midwife said my estimated due date is Sept 12th.

Sister in law: Hmmph…That doesn’t mean a thing. If you don’t have your baby by that day, they will induce you.
Newly pregnant mom: Really?

Sister in law: Yup, that’s what happened to me. They made me go to the hospital, hooked me up to this crazy medicine called Pitocin. I was contracting like crazy! One after another for hours! I begged for an epidural! I thought I was gonna DIE!!!!
Newly pregnant mom: What if I want a natural birth or a water birth?

Sister in law: What are you nuts?! Go to the hospital and get an epidural the second you go into labor!!!
Newly pregnant mom: (walks away feeling terrified and confused)

This happens every day in our culture. Women seem to enjoy creating fear for one another around labor and birth....Read more