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A Doula's Husband

I consider myself a work in progress. I think we all need to be in order to grow and prosper as individuals and in our relationships.  Recently I am focused on being SELF AWARE.What do I mean by that?  

I am trying to be focused on being aware in my interactions with others.  Not necessarily the surface stuff of what was said.  I mean the substance of why it was said.  

What didn't we say to each other, that I felt and I suspect "she" felt? 


What was I protecting, and is it worth protecting? 

How did what "she" said make me feel? 

What do "her"  words and actions say about how "she" feels or thinks about me? 

And do my words and actions properly reflect how I feel about "her"? 

And most importantly, do I give a shit?  

I am learning a lot about myself (or at least admitting what I already knew deep down).  And as hard as it is to admit, I have some personality traits that sometimes can be relationship destructive.  Mostly they are about trying to avoid bad feelings.  When things get confrontational or ugly or even uncomfortable I don't go out of my way or fight for the future of the relationship.  I am not ready to address why.  Honestly, I don't know why.  But I also find myself actively not wanting to think about why.... I am no shrink, but sounds like there is something to that. 

For now, recognizing I do it, or more accurately don't do it, is enough.

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Words become worthless

Destruction lies with your lies

Do! And follow through!


Authored by: KW, A Doula's Husband


** A note from KW's wife - I've written this week about struggles and transition, about moving forward by looking inward, about support and how that is the foundation for growth.  My husband, KW, has become that foundation, that source of strength I need.  It starts with communication - a single word or a rambling monologue, but it is honest, from your heart directly to the one you love.  In becoming what I need from him, he has become what he needs for himself and has shown me how to better support him.  From that support and comfort, comes a new found creativity and means for communication.  Enjoy.  


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You want to do what with the what?  The placenta? You want to do something to turn it into pills (placenta encapsulation, I’m told it is called) and you want to ingest these pills? The placenta... like the after birth? That bloody raw meat looking thing on the other end of the umbilical cord? That thing scared me when each child was born. It was (really) gross! You want to ingest that thing? You want to eat your placenta! Encapsulate your placenta? Why?

Ok, I get that the placenta is kind of a cool thing. It is a human organ that doesn't exist before pregnancy. The body just grows it once it is needed. It regulates the oxygen and nutrients our baby needs to grow, making sure she gets what she needs and keeps out the harmful stuff. Then, when the baby is done with it the female body just expels this organ. You are right, that is a really interesting part of human anatomy and they should have talked more about it in...Read more