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December 2016

As doulas we are so fortunate to have the ability to develop relationships with the birth industry's leading professionals. 

Linda LeMon is an outstanding IBCLC and childbirth educator in Westchester and we had the opportunity to interview her to help answer some of the questions we hear most often from mothers as they begin their breastfeeding journey. Babies don't come with instruction manuals (and neither do breasts!) so it can be challenging for a new mom to navigate breastfeeding for the first time. 

After interviewing Linda, we were able to come up with a list for families to reference while they're getting started. 

How long should I breastfeed on each side once my milk comes in?

Linda LeMon: Nurse when baby shows his or her feeding cues (stirring, rooting, hands in mouth)–don’t wait until baby is crying. Allow baby unlimited time at your ...Read more

You've gotta fight!

For your right!

To potty.

We know you just said that with the Beastie Boys tune in your head. It's okay so did we.

What are we talking about here?

The dreaded potty training of your toddler.

Who would have thought that it would be so time consuming and stressful to teach someone else how to poop in a toilet?

We have some tips and tricks to help make this potty training process a little bit easier on parents. 

Before we get started, you'll need to reassess your patience. Remember that potty training is a gradual process. Celebrate every small victory and don't sweat the accidents, they are going to happen. Be patient and it'll give your little one a little extra confidence while they're sitting on the royal throne. 

Familiarize Yourself with the "Poop Face"

When you have to poop you don't exactly make it obvious to other people, unless you do and if so, do your thing...

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The holidays can be overwhelming. 

There's so much to be done, gifts to wrap and cookies to bake and it doesn't help that the kids are already running amok in full holiday mode. Taking the time to refocus and relax is important and we're all guilty of putting ourselves on the back burner while feeling the pressure of getting things perfect for the holidays. 

It's not impossible to relax, sometimes you just need a little help or a few affirmations to guide you along. 

While you're winding down after a long day of errands and gift shopping, settle in to your happy place and take a moment to chill. Most importantly, we've all been in your shoes and give you a round of applause for getting it all done and not starting off the new year in a straight jacket. 

So to all those busy, crafty and festive moms out there, this little jingle is for you. 

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A familiar face and an organized plan is a breath of fresh air to any new mother.

Whether you're expecting your labor doula to arrive when you are in labor, or waiting for your postpartum doula to ring your doorbell when you are bringing home baby for the first time, it is a huge relief for new parents to have organized and acommodating support. 

When your labor doula arrives, she immediately checks to see that you and your partner are comfortable and confident.

No matter where you choose to give birth or how you choose to do it, it's part of your doula's role to affirm and validate your choices. Your doula works cohesively with your care provider (Doctor of Midwife) to help you have the most satisfying birth experience possible.

This isn't your doula's first rodeo and while birth may seem nerve wracking for a new mom to be, it's another great day at the office for the doula. Your experienced...Read more