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October 2016

Halloween is around the corner!

Now that your baby is finally here, it's time to dress them up in adorable and hilarious costumes for some quality photo opportunities. 

Baby's first Halloween can mean a lot of things. Your first Halloween together might just be a cute costume or you could define their "first Halloween" as the first time they can walk door to door to Trick or Treat. Expect a few bumps in the road, plan accordingly and you'll have a fantastic All Hallows Eve with your tiny tot. 

Dressing Up

As precious as it is to see your new baby in a costume for Halloween, they probably won't share in your excitement. 

New babies and infants may be a little more cooperative than toddler Trick or Treaters, but there is no shortage of great costumes for all! Plan to dress them in something practical, comfortable, weather appropriate, and with limited acessories. You might think your...Read more

In the past decade or so, stem cell research has made a huge impact in the media and public eye. Whether positive or negative association, there is no question that the use of stem cells have saved lives.

Part of our mission is to educate families about the different options they have for their baby’s health and wellbeing.

One of the options parents have is to store the baby’s umbilical cord blood.

The use of stem cells in cord blood is fascinating and is on the forefront of medical treatments for devastating diseases and illnesses. As with any delicate and often controversial process, most people don’t understand the details and there’s bound to be questions.

These stem cells found in cord blood are extremely powerful and through responsible conservation and research, are changing the course of regenerative medicine. Cryo-Cell’s storage and research facility keeps parents informed about the process of stem cell research, innovations in the field, and emerging benefits of cell regeneration.

We wanted to learn more.

Recently we were given the opportunity to ask more questions about ...Read more

It’s almost Halloween!

This means it’s the perfect opportunity to gather the family together and celebrate this beautiful fall season with some Halloween themed weekend activities.

The Hudson Valley, metro New York region and surrounding areas like Connecticut and New Jersey are full of fun Halloween themed events that the entire family will love.

So bundle up in some cozy sweaters, grab a hot cider and start your adventure!

The Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze

It doesn’t get much more Halloween than this amazing display featuring thousands of carved pumpkins. Grab a treat and walk through winding paths illuminated by pumpkins with elaborate carvings and massive sculptures made of stacked faux pumpkins. The paths are even set to themed music that brings these Halloween scenes to life. All these pumpkins are hand carved and you can stroll...Read more