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July 2016

So you have the perfect beach in mind for a summer escape for you and your little one(s), but what will you pack for a safe, family friendly day at the beach? When it comes to life with little ones it is always better to be over prepared than under prepared.


Here’s a list of some of our favorite essentials for a day with your kiddos at the beach. 

The Safest Sunscreen for Babies and Toddlers

Safety first!

The Think Baby’s broad spectrum 50+ SPF sunscreen is free from harsh chemicals that could damage sensitive skin. This baby-block has great online reviews and we love that it’s water resistant. Choose sunscreens free of chemicals and avoid sprays that can spread unevenly.

2. Cute and Functional Bathing...Read more

Let’s face it. Being a parent has its challenges, but overall it’s pretty hilarious! Kids are humans in their rawest form and they’ll tell you everything you didn’t want to hear in every brutally honest way possible. We love the way they ask questions to try and figure out this big beautiful world we live in. Sometimes they could use a little more finesse, but that would take away from the hilarity

We wanted to take the opportunity to appreciate all the hysterical and often inappropriate things our children say...

Here’s just a few of our personal favorites...


“I’m not a slow poke, I’m a fast poke!” - Nixon, Dutchess County NY

“It’s easy to have a baby! You just lean back, push real hard and a baby comes out your ‘gina!” Westley, Westchester NY

“I was in your tummy? And the brothers too? What about Daddy?” - Nixon, Dutchess County NY

“Another brother? How many boys are you going to have? Like, a hundred?” - Westley, Westchester NY


If you don’t feed your kids promptly, they’ll be the saddest people in the world. Apparently.

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Awesome activities for the whole family are never more than a short drive away in this hub of activity that we live in. Sometimes you need to just think a little outside the box to get the kids out of the house and exploring.

There are a lot of exciting theme parks and event centers right in our backyard. We can pick some fresh locally grown produce, watch a concert outside or hop on the world’s fastest rollercoasters!

Here is our list of go-to destinations for ultimate family fun in Westchester, New York!

Rye Playland is a timeless adventure and has been a summertime staple of the metropolitan New York area since 1927.

Playland is a fun burst of nostalgia for a lot of us Westchester parents. This small amusement park is just enough excitement for the family looking to spend an afternoon cooling off on some rides and attractions. This Rye, New York, 'carnival meets-themepark' is appropriate for all ages. You can finish off the day strolling the Playland boardwalk and catch the fireworks every Friday night through out the season.

If  safe and clean theme parks sound like your family’s idea of summer fun, head over to Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut.

This theme park has the perfect mix of rides for all age groups and a full size water park. With free soft drinks all...Read more