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May 2014

You gave birth!

You did it!

You really did it!

She’s beautiful. She’s finally here. You are absolutely blown away by the experience and this perfect little baby that has been placed on your chest. Your partner cries, you cry, you have never been more filled with love and excitement in your entire life when suddenly your doctor says… “ok, I need you to give me a little push”.

You follow his or her direction and you bear down.

You feel that second life force move through your body.

It takes on the shape of your anatomy and with one long and laborious push, your placenta is here.

Your placenta. The organ that your magnificent body grew to nourish and grow your baby. The placenta that at about 8 weeks into your pregnancy took over the management of your hormones and kept you emotionally balanced (well, for the most part any way).

It’s fascinating and your provider asks you, “do you want to see your placenta?” You hesitate but you know it is too incredible of an opportunity to pass up and you take a glimpse of it. Wow…

What happens next can change your next 6 weeks of life dramatically. You have 2 choices (in most hospitals)

·      Disregard it as medical waste

·      Take it home with you

If you choose the first option, like many women do and disregard it, you will never know the “could haves”. It will be red bagged and discarded and you will not know whether it could have impacted your...Read more

I never had the desire to go to Hawaii.

It just wasn't on my list of places to go. I had no interest in going there for my honeymoon or any other vacation for that matter. In my mind, I had a picture of what Hawaii looked like and that was good enough for me. I didn't have anything against Hawaii it just wasn't my thing…

That said, Hawaii is my mental “go to” place. I have been to my own Hawaii a handful of times.

I didn’t board a plane.

I didn’t fly across the country.

Instead, I had a baby…

Stay with me here for a moment.

As any new mother can attest, the days and weeks following the birth of a baby, especially your first baby, can somewhat blend together. Before long you have no idea what day it is, never mind, remember the last time you took a shower.

Taking a shower is no longer a given. It is something that you now plan in advance and map out strategically. This normal daily hygiene routine is now considered an "accomplishment" when you actually manage to get it done!

I remember one fairly early postpartum occasion where I was able to take a shower and not have to bring the baby in to the bathroom with me or rush out to a anxious relative holding my crying infant.

That shower was my first trip to Hawaii!

I didn't know if the baby was crying or not but if he was, I couldn't hear him.

I was alone, I was free and I was desperate to feel that way.

It was just 20...Read more