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April 2014

Spend Saturday morning 8:30am- NOON, April 5th with Northeast Doulas and friends!

Come and celebrate our 2nd annual “NO CHILD WET BEHIND” Diaper Drive and fundraiser! The very needy beneficiary of our diaper collection will be The Westchester Coalition For The Hungry And Homeless so be sure and bring the biggest bag of diapers possible!

Did you know…

Diaper Need by the Numbers

•   1 in 3 American moms struggle with diaper need

•   A normal infant uses up to 12 diapers a day

•   A healthy change of diapers costs $100/month

Impact on Babies

1.Increased disease risk—diaper rash, staph infections, hepatitis. Because families don’t have enough diapers, a baby’s diaper might only be changed once a day, or rinsed and reused.

2.Increased child abuse, like shaken baby syndrome, because babies cry more when wearing dirty diapers.

Impact on Families

1.Emotional stress—Imagine if you can’t soothe your crying baby because you don’t have a clean diaper to use.

2.Financial stress—Families cut back on...Read more