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March 2013



10 things to do with your newborn so you don’t go crazy!

Once the craziness and newness of having the baby wears off, you may find yourself, dare I say it… Bored….  Right now you are probably thinking, I’m so busy; I can’t wait till I can be bored.  It’s great, for the first two or three days, and then the reality sets in.  What do you do now?  Here are some suggestions.

10.  Take a walk – Whether you go out your front door and walk your neighborhood, or stick the baby and stroller in the car and go to a park or a walking path.  Fresh air does wonders for both you and the baby.  Make sure you have a light blanket to cover the stroller if you are going to be walking in the sun. 

9.  Go to a movie – Yes, I said a movie, not watch a movie at home. Take your cuddly baby into a dark theater and more than likely, your baby will sleep through the whole thing.  A matinee during the week shouldn’t be crowded, and you will pay less, just in case it doesn’t work out

8.  Meet a friend for coffee or lunch.  We all take the time to eat lunch or at least drink a cup of coffee. Call a friend, set a time and place, and don’t cancel! Talk to another adult. Take the time to get ready, get the baby ready and go out!

7. Get a pedicure. If you time it right, I promise it can work.  Go after a feeding, so with luck, the baby will fall asleep in the car and sleep through the whole adventure.  You will have done something for...Read more

It’s been 40+ weeks

It’s been 40+ weeks and the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. You are taking your baby home!

You put that carefully chosen, adorable first outfit from the baby shower on your baby, you neurotically buckle him or her into the car seat, you sign the last of the discharge papers, you hop (gently) into the wheelchair and head to your car. With your husband walking along side you, arms loaded with flowers, suitcases and birth ball, you think to yourself, Thank G-d our Postpartum Doula is meeting us at home!

If you’re anything like I was, you look into the backseat and as your husband pulls the car away from the hospitals curb, you think to yourself, I can’t believe they are letting us take this baby! Do they know that we don’t know the first thing about taking care of this kid?!?!

You slowly and carefully make the long drive home and there she is… Your Postpartum Doula! She arrived a few minutes before you and is sitting in a chair on your front porch. She welcomes you home with her genuine and calming smile and you are so proud to show her your little pride and joy.

She helps you in with your things and just as you get settled, your baby is ready to nurse. Your Doula is well versed in breastfeeding and un-intrusively helps you and your baby latch properly. As she affirms what a great job you are doing, she heads into the kitchen to prepare you a cup of tea and some lunch. Sound too good...Read more

If your water breaks...

There is a rumor going around that your water breaking, is the first indication of labor. I was a week late with my first baby and was convinced that she was NEVER COMING! They never said it was an estimated due date, they always said DUE DATE and when that date came and went and I didn’t feel any different, I was pissed! No, literally! LOL!

I woke up one morning and went to pee. Got back in bed and more pee came out. Went back to pee and clean up, got back into bed and it happened again. I Did this 2 more times before I got up, showered and went to my OB appointment. It turned out, my water had broken!

For a small handful, water breaking is the first sign of labor. But for most, this is simply not the case. I think we have to chalk this one up to sitcoms… I guess that is the “funniest” way to say, a woman is in labor and everyone should freak out!

When I was pregnant with Erica and Jerry and I took our childbirth education class, I remember our instructor talking in depth about this topic. Her advice… if you’re in a grocery store and your water breaks, drop a jar of pickles on the floor and act like it’s pickle juice, then get right to the hospital.

Really!? That’s your advice. Breed more hysteria?

OK, here’s the real deal…

*About 10-15% of women start labor with their water breaking.

That’s all! Only about 10-15%.

*If your water breaks outside of the place you will...Read more

I am always astounded to hear of a mom who arrives at her 6 week postpartum doctor/midwife appointment… PREGNANT!

My vagina was terrified after childbirth.

20 years ago, having a baby and having an episiotomy went hand in hand.

Or should I say, hand in scissor in hand, in vagina…. Afterward, it required a tremendous amount of patience, understanding and TLC.

I walked gently.


I diluted my urine with warm water (with that uhh-mayy-zing peri-bottle), I softly patted it dry and I sprayed it with soothing aloe spray every chance I got. I nurtured my anatomy as tenderly as I nurtured my new baby. When I wasn’t focused on one, I was focused on the other.

All vaginas are not created equal.

I remember being taken to my postpartum room after delivery. It took me about a half hour to ease myself into bed and nudge an inch at a time into a comfortable position, ooh-ing and ahh-ing while wincing in pain with each nudge. Once I was settled, I planned on staying put for as long as possible. I was laying completely still and staring deep into the eyes of 6 hour old Erica Patterson when my roommate arrived. She barreled into the room with the nurse, dropped her things on top of the dresser, flopped onto the bed, picked up the phone and ordered a pizza for delivery!

I couldn’t believe she could move like that! I said, “did you just have a baby?” She said, “yea, ya want some pizza?” It was a...Read more

The proverbial rug...

We all intentionally as well as unintentionally sweep life’s challenges from time to time under the proverbial rug…

The small ones probably don’t matter much, but the big ones, the ones that have been swept there because of the pain, anguish, sorrow, anger, rage, etc. that they cause us, really do matter.

You see, they creep out when we least expect them to. They manifest themselves in other ways and they have tremendous impact on our relationships.

It’s almost a form of self-sabotage. Now, I have no psychology degree or anything of the sort, so this rant is exclusively self-assessed, my own thoughts and opinions, for whatever their worth…

I, over the past 45 years, have swept some shit under my rug. Ugly shit. Ugly feelings. Ugly thoughts.

I didn’t share them in depth with anyone, I just lifted the edge of my rug each time I began to think about them or feel them, got out my broom and gently swept them under there.

My goal? To keep them safe from me and me safe from them.

It’s weird… I don’t think I can fix these things and I’m not sure I would if I had the opportunity to, but they hurt me.

They make me feel sad.

They make me angry.

They make me want to do things and say things that aren’t true to the woman I pride...Read more


Top 10 Reasons To Give Birth At Hudson Valley Hospital Center

After attending hundreds and hundreds of births at Hudson Valley Hospital Center as well as many other birth facilities, I have comprised todays Top 10 list of the amazing reasons why HVHC is a great place to give birth. No… they did not pay me to write this J

10) Tubs in every birthing room. Each labor room is equipped with a hot tub AND women are encouraged to use them!

9) The nursing staff has complete respect for moms, dads AND birth plans. They understand various philosophies regarding birth and do everything they can to help families have the birth that they choose.

8) There is a strong midwifery presence at this facility and tremendous breastfeeding support from IBCLC, Linda LeMon as well as the supportive nursing staff and administrators.

7) Most of the DOCTORS and MIDWIVES are comfortable with water birth and if mother and baby are doing well, water birth can be an option.

6) Intermittent monitoring with Pitocin. This means that even with Pitocin, mom has freedom of movement during labor (including using the tub) if she is on Pitocin!

5) No Routine IV’s. IV’s are only used when necessary.

4) Hudson Valley Hospital is VBAC (Vaginal Birth...Read more

Congratulations to this Iowa family on the precipitous labor and birth of their baby. Having a baby in 30 minutes is certainly more the exception than the rule. Watch this short video about how this couple reacts to their unassisted birth at a stop light Keep in mind that when a baby comes quickly like this, without much difficulty, no help is necessary and there is nothing to panic about :) Rest well Iowa family and Happy "BIRTH" day to your little one!Read more

Push your baby out!




Like this?

Am I doing it?



Does this sound familiar? It doesn’t have to. In fact, birth will actually happen even if NO ONE SCREAMS ANYTHING AT YOU WHILE YOU DO IT!

Knowing that we are fully dilated (10cm) isn’t always the best news of the day.  When giving birth in a hospital, we are often given the impression that 10 centimeters dilated means we made it, we’re complete. We are ready to push. Our cervix is completely out of the way and now we...Read more

Running is a part of my life; it’s a part of me.


Running is my balance.  It’s how I start my day. It gives me a great launching pad to tackle whatever lies ahead in the hours to come.

It started in 2003. That’s when I really started to run. I had dabbled in it before, but it never stuck.  I had a close friend who was battling cancer at the time, and I needed a release and was also looking to do something to show support for her and her family. So, I set out on a mission, to run the NYC Marathon that year. I set a goal to raise funds for her family and hit the pavement to train. If you’re thinking I was crazy to take on the challenge, to prepare within less than a year to run the NYC Marathon – a race many train years for – I wouldn’t argue with you. Looking back it does seem crazy, but I was determined to do it.    

Training for the race wasn’t hard. Time consuming, yes, but as a natural born plotter and planner that was a great challenge! Another piece to fit into the jigsaw puzzle that is life. Bring it on! “I shall fit you in here and here and here …” I marked my calendar out, set my plan for runs, workouts...Read more

When a baby has colic... 

Colic can be extremely difficult to endure. There is very little that can be done to stop the discomfort and crying associated with colic. For moms that have to work through this early parenting challenge, our advice to you is to surround yourself with plenty of support. Keep the "know it alls" away and surround yourself with the unconditional, nonjudgmental support of those who love you. al

March is colic awareness month and we would love to post your personal blog about your own experience with your newborn that suffered with colic. What did you do to get through it? Was there a support group that you turned to? A product or position that worked best for your little one?. 

These are some frequently asked questions about our favorite product for comforting a baby suffering from colic. It is called Colic Calm. Have you tried it? Please share your experiences so that someone struggling knows she is not alone!Read more