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January 2013

Postpartum Help… Do I Need It?


Understanding what your postpartum needs will be while you are pregnant, can be a very tricky thing.

You haven’t even given birth to this baby yet, so how will you know your needs.

You might be asking yourself….

Who will help me?

Will breastfeeding come easy?

Should I hire a baby nurse?

Do I need a lactation consultant?

Is a postpartum doula a better choice for me?

When can I pump?

How the hell do I pump?!?!

My suggestion is always the same.

Tune everyone out (friends, relatives, in-laws and out-laws) and think it through.

Listen to yourself.

Do you function better on your own with the support of your partner? Do you feel you need some gentle guidance? Do you value sleep and anticipate needing help over night?

Think about your parenting philosophy. Are you planning to practice attachment parenting? Scheduled parenting? A combination of both (which is totally doable)?

These questions and more will bring you to your answers.

Do some research and talk to some professionals.

Ask your doctor or midwife for some recommendations.

Make a list of questions and invite some postpartum doulas and baby nurses to meet with you to discuss. Those meetings should be free of charge.

Some starter questions for you to add to:

Do you have current references?

How...Read more

Ok… here we go!

I am a regular girl. My body makes noise even when I don’t want it to. I don’t try to be more than I am but hold myself to a very high standard according to my (dead) mother. Oh, we’ll get to that…. Anyway, back to my interpretation of a “regular” girl.

I am comfortable in my skin and encourage other women to feel the same way. It bums me out that that doesn’t come to us instinctually but am proud that I have done the work personally to get to that place. That being said, I know how to guide other women to it as well, if they want that! I am totally in love with Jerry Patterson (my husband of 23 years) together we created two magnificent people, Erica, 20 years old and Ty, 16 years old. That’s right, 2 teenage daughters. Two magnificent teenage daughters! Women need to stop disliking their children! (oooh… that’s controversial, but it’s true).

I was standing in line at a Dunkin’ Donuts recently and I ran into a woman I hadn’t seen in a long time. She has a teenaged daughter as well. We said an obligatory hello followed by some small talk and a few smiles and then she dropped the bomb…. “How are your girls?”, she said with an eye roll. My response, “amazing! I adore those girls”. She was dumbfounded! Didn’t even know how to respond. Was I being sarcastic? Was I joking? Was I an alien? She appeared as if she never heard of such a thing. Before she could even wrap her head around the fact that I actually enjoyed the human...Read more